Are you looking to connect with other women dealing

with similar challenges and issues? Then look no further!

This empowerment group provides a safe and caring

environment to talk about issues that women face today.

You will be supported, encouraged, and uplifted. You will

be recognized and celebrated as the true queen you are

in the Queens Court. Insight, self-awareness, and self-growth are facilitated as members share their struggles, exchange honest feedback, and provide positive support

for each other. So, if you are ready to experience the

power of authentic connection, join us in the Queens Court!

It's EASY just click on the link below to join 

The ​​​Queens Court: Women's Empowerment Group

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(Age 25 and older) 

Women's Group

Helping You


​This is a virtual group that will be held via LIVE webinar and Facebook.  The zoom meeting link will be posted on the Facebook page.

Where: Facebook Private Group 

When: The last Sunday in the Month 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm​ 
Topics: Women’s Issues, Relationships, Self-love, etc.

Join this (Age 25 and older) Women's Empowerment Group!

Why should I join? You should join if you are a woman looking to take the next steps to improving your life. You should join if you are looking for a positive and supportive group to encourage you on your journey toward self-love, excellence, empowerment, and personal growth.