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Keys 2 Empowerment  (K2E): Women’s Process Group - Empowering women to reach their full potential

Do you feel alone in dealing with the challenges and

stressors of daily life? Are you struggling to maintain a

healthy relationship? Do you need a caring environment

to talk about issues that women face today? If so, this

group is the right fit for you. This process group is a place

where you can safely discuss your current struggles,

get support, offer/invite feedback and encouragement

from other women on a similar journey. This group

provides an intimate setting for women to share and be

a part of a sisterhood, promoting togetherness as well as personal & spiritual growth. K2E provides the opportunity to become empowered by gaining a greater sense of self.


 Fee: $20.00 per session       Commitment: 6 weeks

* Each participant must have a phone consultation

prior to joining the group.

Topics: Women’s Issues, Relationships, Self- esteem, Empowerment, etc.
When: Meets on Saturday  11:00 am -12:15 pm​ 

(Session dates will be confirmed at the time of the phone consultation). ​​

Your Journey 2 Healing: $25.00 per session

Women's Therapy Groups

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Keys 2 Empowerment: $20.00 per session

Limited space is available. 

Call for your phone consultation 678-871-6543

Your Journey 2 Healing (YJ2H): Women’s Therapy Group - Helping You Heal

Are you dealing with the aftereffects of a traumatic experience? Would you like to be a part of a safe and supportive environment

that nurtures the healing process? This therapy group is designed

to bring healing to women with a history of trauma, abuse

(emotional, physical, sexual or domestic violence) or adult

survivors of child abuse (ASCA), This psycho-educational group focuses on understanding the impact of trauma on inner self (thoughts, feelings and beliefs and on the outer self (behaviors

and relationships). You will learn how to reclaim your identity,

recover a sense of safety, trust and control.  In addition, you

will learn coping strategies to assist in your present-day life. 

 Fee: $25 per session           Commitment: 9 weeks

 *Each participant must speak with counselor for a phone assessment prior to the start of the group.

Topics: Trust after Trauma, Finding your Voice, Taking back your Power, etc.
When: Meets on Saturday  1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

​ (Session dates will be confirmed at the time of the phone consultation). ​​